Elizabeth Hersey

“From my Hervey Bay studio I enjoy capturing what my eye sees and heart feels. I never have to go far for inspiration, just beyond my window brightly coloured rainbow lorikeet’s chatter as they feed on nectar, a resident kookaburra’s laughter can be heard from high in a gum tree and on a rainy summer night, a choir of frogs burst into song. The tactile nature of sculpture means I can bring within reach the delightful beauty of our wildlife for all to enjoy. . . . . at the end of the day I feel very blessed to be doing what I love.”

About Elizabeth Hersey

Born in Australia, Elizabeth grew up in Papua New Guinea and country Victoria before moving to Queensland. Being self-taught, Elizabeth has had a lifelong interest in art, especially sculpture. In 2012 she completed a two week bronze casting workshop and although she leaves this to the skill of a foundry, loved the insight into the labour intensive process of lost wax casting and the wonderful qualities of bronze. It ignited a passion to capture and share the things she finds so deeply inspiring.

Inspiration is drawn from the Australian wildlife which she loves to observer and these encounters are often reflected in her art. Elizabeth dedicates much time to research, prior to and during the creation of each new piece and is very passionate about the accuracy and quality of her work. This is evident not only in her high attention to detail but the medium in which she has chosen to produce her sculptures.

Initial modelling is done with wax or clay before being cast in bronze. The results are beautifully detailed works of art, nature rendered in their most natural state, captured through careful observation and showing a deep appreciation and affection for each individual subject.

Elizabeth’s work is in private collections and homes across Australia.

Member of – Sculptors Queensland